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1)Night Vision Camera for Car.
2)Day visual 2Km/Night visual 400m.
3)22X optical zoom.
4)Video recording.

Night Vision Camera for Car with Rearview Mirror Display and External Screen

Automotive Night Vision History

In 2000, General Motors offered a thermal night-vision system in its Cadillac line of vehicles. The system was innovative, but it was also expensive and didn't produce very clear images. Toyota also gave night vision a shot, and even now the automaker continues to offer an in-dash system in some Lexus models.


Two of Germany's automakers, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, have taken an approach to in-dash night-vision systems. These two auto manufacturers have been offering night-vision systems in vehicles since 2006. Fittingly, the two automakers, which have been competing against each other in the luxury market for the better part of 50 years, offer systems on complete opposite ends of the proverbial spectrum (BMW with thermal imaging, Benz with active illumination). Each system accomplishes its goal and each has its benefits and costs.

 Audi didn’t hope on the night-vision train until 2010, and equipped with a thermal night-vision system on its A8 and A6L luxury series.



It combines with low-light imaging and near-infrared active imaging technologies, enable powerful features of day visual 2,000 meters, night visual 400 meters, 22X optical synchronous zoom, multifunctional high definition video recording, strong light inhibition, pedestrian detection, penetrate fog, lane departure warning, wide view, 3G internet, WiFi wireless access, Android intelligent operating system, laser protection etc.

Its night vision system has been proved even better than Audi, BMW and Benz.  the most comprehensive technologies in night vision system in the world at present.


 Competitiveness of  vision car black box system


When people is driving, it takes around 1 second for the driver from discovering the obstacle or people to take the action to brake, that means if the car runs in 120km/h, it will go 33 meters in 1 second. And the braking distance (from braking to stop completely) is more than 50 meters under the speed of 120km/h. So when the car runs in 120km/h, the driver has to see the view over 80 meters away, and need at least 3 seconds for emergency response. But the car dipped headlight visual distance is around 30-50 meters, and high beam visual distance is around 60-80 meters, so the driver must be very careful with highly concentrated in attention when driving at night, otherwise, bad accident may happen. Protruly night vision system is able to show the obstacles or people over 200 meters away to be magnified and clearly showed on the equal place of 80 meters on the screen in advance, no matter it is bright or dark on the road. It means that the driver can discover the obstacle or people by 3 seconds beforehand, which can improve our night driving safety by 100% above.





Main features:


1. Day visual 2,000 meters, Night visual 400 meters



2. 22x optical zoom lens




3. HD Video recording and display, 7” LCD screen

Color or B&W image both at day and night, support SD card up to 32GB, multi-function recording.


4.  Anti-highlight

When driving in busy street or crossing road at night, open the function of anti-highlight can avoid "dazzle" from headlights, road lights and similar intense light sources.



5.  Penetrate fog

     Penetrate fog function can let driver see farther and clearer than our naked eyes in fog days.


6. Super homogenization of infrared laser.



7.  Wide angle of view

8.  Laser protection

    a) When the switch of laser function is closed, the laser working mode won’t be activated.

    b) User is required to enter the password when the first time to activate it.

    c) When laser is open, if there is any object in front of the laser light source (80º viewing angle) within 0.8 meter, the device will close the laser automatically in 2 seconds.

    d) When laser is open, if there is any object in front of the laser light source (80º viewing angle) in 0.8-2.6 meters, the device camera will not be able to zoom in or auto zoom out to1X.

    e) When laser is open, if user closes the lens cover, the laser will be closed automatically. And with the lens cover closed, the laser won’t be open.

    f) When the device is put into the special code case, the power will be cutoff automatically.



Advanced functions:


1. Pedestrian detection

Highlight pedestrian when pedestrian detected.


2.  Lane departure warning

Warn the driver when the vehicle moves out of its lane.