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product arrow MOUNTING SENAPAN ANGKA 8-30

Price Rp 150.000 Beli


This metal bracket with black matte finish can be used to mount either an LED Flashlight or Laser Sight on to the Telescopic Sight of a rifle.

One ring is 25.4 mm (1 inch) in diameter and the second ring is 30 mm diameter.

Use the Allen Key included to loosen and tighten the hex screws.

One end of the bracket has a Weaver Picatinny profile which is compatible with the standard 20 mm gun rail mount system.

Metal Gun Mount Flashlight Bracket, suit 25.4 mm and 30 mm diameters

  • Construction : Aluminium alloy with anodized black matte finish.
  • Mount Rings : 25.4 mm, 1 inch in diameter and 30 mm diameter.
  • Allen Hex Key included.