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Price Rp 3.000.000

Spotting Scope Bresser

Spektar 9-27x50


Bresser Spektar 9-27x50 Spotting Scope

1. Compact design
2. Certificate: ISO9001 ISO14001 CE FCC

Technical Specifications and Features

Article mode   : 9-27x50

Dimensions    :  200x73x107 mm

Brightness      : 30-3.43

Front Lens Ø (Clear Aperture) : 50 mm

Optical Type    : Porro

Field of View   : 70-35 m

Net Weight    : 705 g

Magnification Range  : 9 - 27x

Optical Coatings : FC

Bresser Spektar 50 9-27x50 Spotting Scope

This new Bresser Spektar 50 spotting scope is a compact power packed scope of unique design. The scope is lightweight with a heavily rubber armoured body; this makes the scope particularly suitable as a travel companion for the outdoor enthusiast or traveller.

The scope features a rapid focus system which is operated via a large helical focus wheel surrounding the scope’s body. This is especially effective if the user has gloved hands as may be the case in cold or wet conditions. The zoom eyepiece has a wide rubber sleeve which enables the scope to zoom quickly and smoothly in all conditions. The eyepiece barrel is particularly suitable for attaching the digital camera adapter, making a very stable platform for those wishing to use the instrument for ‘Digi-Scoping’.

The Spektar 50 uses Bk-7 prisms and the glass surfaces are fully coated which improves light transmission by helping to reduce light scatter which can result in loss of contrast and brightness if uncoated optics are used.

The Spektar 50 is a very impressive package at a very competitive price, if you are looking for a light weight compact instrument you may well have to look no further.

barang ini : masuk pasar eropah, karena nama BRESSER adalah trade mark dari JERMAN

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