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product arrow senter CREE OLIGHT I2 R5

senter CREE OLIGHT I3 R5


  • Cree XP-G LED R5
  • Keychain hole designed for every day carry
  • Three output levels : Low (2.5 lumens - 20 hours) - Medium (20 - 1.5 hours) - High (70 - 0.7 hours)
  • Removable clip with allen wrench removal tool in the package
  • Flat end to allow for tail standing
  • 1 x AAA battery - high-quality and high-capacity battery included
  • Highly water resistant to IPX-8
  • Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • 13.2g
  • 70.8mm x 14mm

Features :

1. World-class super bright XP-G R5 LED

2. Keychain hole design, easy for every day carry

3. Three output level : Low-Medium-High

4. Removable clip, removal tool in the package, you can make the clip easy come, easy go.

5. Stable tail stand to serve as a candle

6. With free high-quality and high-capacity battery.

7. Highly water resistant to IPX-8

8. Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.

Battery installation:
+ Turn the head counter clockwise to loosen and remove the head.
+ Insert the battery with the negative end toward the tail.
Tighten head to turn on,turn head counter clockwise (loosen) to turn off light.

To switch modes
while light is on,turn light off and on within two seconds. Light will enter default medium mode after
two seconds of being off.


penting !!!!

senter ini tidak boleh pake batere type 14500 (3,7v) walaupun ukuran sama persis, hal ini karena perbedaan voltage,,,bisa terbakar drivernya

hanya memakai batere umum tipe AA (1,5v), alkaline boleh