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XENO EO3 V3 XML kuning






Tigere: E03 V2 XM-L with XENO DE2 Engine

Model No.: E03 XM-L

Version: V2
Key Words:
*.Built in XENO DE2 Engine:Real linear LED driver
*.CREE XM-L series LED-Max Output(OTF):430 lumens (CW);
*.3-Color Temperature optional: Cool White, Outdoor White, Warm White
*.3-Color optional: Rose Red, Deep-Sea Blue, Ti-Black
*.Battery: use one AA size battery.
*.XENO GFC(Gamble Free Concept) Impact-Resistant System
*.Water proof: IPX-8; 10 meters dunk-resistance

1/.Emitter: CREE High-Power LED,XM-L series. 3-Color Temperature optional:
XM-L 1B T6,CoolWhite:to get max output & fit for warm, hot area and season.
XM-L 4C T5 Neutral White(Outdoor White): for better color rendering.

2/.Rated Input & battery:
Rated Input of LED Driver: DC0.8~3.7V.
Battery:Use any AA size battery:a dry cell,Alkaline,Ni-Cd,Ni-MH,14500 Li-ion,LiFePO4.

3/.Output and LED driver:

it is XENO DE2 Engine!

Real linear LED driver, developed and made by XENO.
Not-PWM LED driver: Non-Flickering and Absolutely Noiseless even at Ultra-Low level.
XENO unique Quiet RSL™ technology.
XENO unique GFC(Gamble Free Concept) impact-resistant technology.
Built-in battery inverted-load protection.

3-Stage Variable Output: Low, Ultra Low, High
The Low output-level is always the start mode after 3 seconds power off.
Max Output: 430lms,Max Burning Time:20 hours.

4/.Finished and Color:
Normal-Anodized Al-Alloy Construction;3-Color optional:Rose Red, Deep-Sea Blue,Ti-Black.
5/.GITD(Glow-In-The-Dark) SIR(Silicone Rubber) tail cap and O-Ring under lens.
6/.Water proof: IPX-8; 10 meters dunk-resistance.

3. Specifications

1/.Emitter: CREE High-Power LED,XM-L series. 3-CT optional:
XM-L 1B T6,Color Temperature 5000~8300K,CoolWhite,MaxOutput430lms OR
XM-L 4C T5,Color Temperature 3700~5000K,NeutralWhite,MaxOutput400lms OR

2/. Output(OTF) & Burning time(CW version): 3-stage variable output
*.Using Ni-MH battery:
Low:150mA/45lms/4hrs,Ultra Low:20mA/20lms/20hrs,High:350mA/120lms/1hr
Low:1A/280lms/45min UltraLow:300mA/80lms/2.5hrs High:1500mA/430ms/20min

Measured with*:
single 2600mAH SANYO eneloop AA Ni-MH rechargeable battery or 800mAH 14500 Li-ion
rechargeable battery. Both full recharged and continuous testing to get a burning time.
*The experience result will be a little different for the battery of different brand, condition

Reflector: RAAX, Al-Alloy, micro-OP, special for XM-L series LED.
High quality toughened mineral-glass lens, precision polish the edge for Impact Resistant.

4. Size & Weight:

Net Weight: 48g(1.7oz).

Packing Information: Blister;
Size: L153.5*W92.5*H24.5mm;
G-Weight: 65.8(2.3 oz).

Sedikit keterangan dari kami mengenai keunggulan produk ini :

1. bahan/ material sama dengan aluminium yang dipakai untuk pesawat terbang, jadi untuk ukuran  yang sama. senter ini lebih ringan dari berat senter aluminium pada umumnya

2. teknologi Cat/lapisan luar tebal, sehingga kalau sengaja diadu, dengan senter lain (sengaja dipukulkan satu sama lain body dengan body, sampai salah satu lecet dan terkelupas catnya, maka akan ketahuan senter mana yang catnya/coatingnya  paling kuat/bagus)

3. lensa/kaca depan betul2 bening sehingga hampir seluruh sinar lewat tanpa ada yang dibiaskan atau dipantulkan, hal ini karena ada coating/lapisan pada permukaan kacanya, sama seperti teknologi kaca mata, ada yang pakai kaca biasa atau pakai kaca super sin

4. Penampang drat pada tombol adalah segi empat, berbeda dengan kebanyakan senter pada umumnya penampang dratnya berbentuk segitiga. hal ini berguna ketika kita menutup /memasang tutup batere tidak akan terjadi slip atau meleset yang jika dipaksakan akan merusak/drat.
5. posisi batere yang pakem, sehingga jika dipakai untuk sentakan2 yang besar seperti pada senapan api, senter ini tidak akan berubah mode adau goyang pada kontak baterenya


Xeno E03 run over by trucks, buried under snow, 7 days of rain & still works!

About 10 days ago I lost my EDC Xeno E03 neutral. Disgusted with myself I ordered 2 more. After losing it we had snow, ice, then 7 days of rain. Today I went to check on a mushroom patch and on my way back I saw my Xeno half buried in the hardpacked gravel/dirt road. This is an active logging road. Huge, full logging trucks make several trips up and down all day. Boots don't leave footprints in this road and I doubt a human powered shovel could dig into it. Here's a photo of the impression of it in the road taken with my cell phone. Google+ doesn't do it justice. If I can share decent sized photos I'll replace these.

Pebbles were smushed into the lens and around the switch.

I blew the stuff out and fired it up. Unfortunately I didn't have the presence of mind to take photos until after I'd cleaned the switch area.It took a licking but it still works!

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