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product arrow senter militer CREE XENO G42 XM-L U2

Price Rp 1.500.000

senter militer XENO G42 XML

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SPEC. of XENO® High-Power LED Al-Alloy Flashlight

G42 V2 XM-L with XENO DD3u Engine

1. Brand: XENO®

Model No.: G42 XM-L

Version: V2

*.Datasheets under ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Standard:

1. Runtime:1hrs at High Output level;100hrs at Ultra-Low level
2. Beam Distance:300m-400m
3. Peak Beam Intensity:22800cd
4. Impact Resistance:1m
5. Water Resistance:IPX-8,10m

1/.CREE XM-L series LED, : Neutral White
2/.Built in XENO DD3u Engine(Newest version in 2011):
Linear LED driver,Not PWM mode.Non-Flickering & Absolutely Noiseless even at Ultra-Low
3/. Integral Design of head and body to:
Greatly improve the ability of Radiating, Waterproof and Dust-proof.
Prevent accident loosen the head-cap while change the battery.
4/.Finished: Military Spec. Type III Hard-Anodized Al-Alloy Construction; Gun Grey.
5/.Lens: Ultra clear lens with anti-reflection coatings on both sides.
6/.XENO unique Belt Clip BC2:
Detachable for clip maintenance.
High powered & flexibility enhanced, High reliability Belt Clip with 3D designing.
Approved by 96 hours Salt Spray Test.

1. Features:

1/. Built in XENO DD3u Engine:
Linear LED driver, Not PWM mode.
Non-Flickering and Absolutely Noiseless even at Ultra-Low level.
With Ultra-Low output, more than 100 hrs burning time.
XENO unique Quiet RSL™ technology.
XENO unique GFC(Gamble Free Concept) impact-resistant technology.

Rated Input:DC3.0~6V;
Battery:Use 18650*1 Li-ion rechargeable battery
Built-in battery inverted-load protection.
Built-in battery overdischarge protection.

High level always the start level and reset to start level after 3s power-off.

2/.Reflector:XENO R42X2 precision aluminum long-throw reflector, SMO.

Ultra clear lens with anti-reflection coatings on both sides.
High quality toughened mineral-glass, precision polish the edge for impact-resistant.

4/. Switch: The tactically-forward click tailcap switch, with XENO Silver contacts.
Support tail-standing ability.

5/.Water proof:IPX-8; 10 meters dunk-resistance.

6/.XENO GFC impact-resistant system:
Double Spring between anode “+” and cathode “-” of the battery for shock proof.
Both spring are Gold-Electroplate.

DD3u LED driver with XENO GFC impact-resistant technology
Shock isolation constructions for LED driver
Full brass parts of electric-access with silver, gold assistant.

7/. Enclosed XENO Genuine Accessory System:
XENO STT10:stainless Strike Bezel in tailcap: secure-ring, windows break, self-defence.
XENO RG42 Stainless Secure-Ring for Window(Lens).
XENO LS10E Enhanced Lanyard System, with XENO XRD-the best Lanyard Ring on the blue


XENO L01 Nylon Cord Wrist Lanyard

1/.Output(OTF)& Burning Time*(CW version):3-stage variable output

*The experience result will be a little different for the battery of different brand, condition etc.

3.Size & Weight:

Size: length 6.3’’(160mm), Ø1.8’’(Ø46.5mm,bezel).

N.W.: 7.9 oz(224g,battery not included).

Packing:XENO CP02 color box;
G-Weight: 10 oz (287g).

Sedikit keterangan dari kami mengenai keunggulan produk ini :

1. bahan/ material sama dengan aluminium yang dipakai untuk pesawat terbang, jadi untuk ukuran  yang sama. senter ini lebih ringan dari berat senter aluminium pada umumnya

2. teknologi Cat/lapisan luar tebal, sehingga kalau sengaja diadu, dengan senter lain (sengaja dipukulkan satu sama lain body dengan body, sampai salah satu lecet dan terkelupas catnya, maka akan ketahuan senter mana yang catnya/coatingnya  paling kuat/bagus)

3. lensa/kaca depan betul2 bening sehingga hampir seluruh sinar lewat tanpa ada yang dibiaskan atau dipantulkan, hal ini karena ada coating/lapisan pada permukaan kacanya, sama seperti teknologi kaca mata, ada yang pakai kaca biasa atau pakai kaca super sin

4. Penampang drat pada tombol adalah segi empat, berbeda dengan kebanyakan senter pada umumnya penampang dratnya berbentuk segitiga. hal ini berguna ketika kita menutup /memasang tutup batere tidak akan terjadi slip atau meleset yang jika dipaksakan akan merusak/drat.
5. posisi batere yang pakem, sehingga jika dipakai untuk sentakan2 yang besar seperti pada senapan api, senter ini tidak akan berubah mode atau goyang pada kontak baterenya

6. Senter jenis ini tergolong jenis senter tactical untuk militer, penjelasannya sbb: tombol belakangnya adalah jenis tactical, artinya untuk menyalakan senter untuk tempo sesaat misal:  1 atau 2 detik, tombol tidak perlu ditekan penuh sampai bunyi klik, cukup ditekan sedikit aja senter sudah menyala, sebab dalam militer, dalam kondisi "gawat/urgent/genting" bunyi klik pada senter dapat membahayakan nyawa prajurit. itu sebabnya senter dengan tombol jenis ini disebut senter tactical, kebanyakan senter biasa tombolnya tidak tactical , jadi untuk menyalakannya harus ditekan dulu penuh dan terdengar bunyi klik

7. Jenis tali cangklong yang dipakai adalah sama dengan jenis tali parasut

8. pasar senter ini adalah negara2 Eropah dan Rusia


- Harga hanya untuk senter + batere non recash cr123 x 2 pc


when XENO G42 light on, i have a feeling it's definitely more like a weapon than a illumination tool !

To achieve higher product reliability, XENO factory carries out strict testing on XENO G42 V1:
1. Under-water test. (tested by special machine in 10m-depth water.)
2. Drop test. (with light switch on, drop to steel ground 30 times from the height of 1m.)
3. Car rollover test. (roll-over by a 1.7 tons SUV.)
4. Heat-dissipating test. (using fully-charged battery, constant-burning on high mode and measure the temperatures of parts inside, the surface, etc.)
The result: G42 performs well in these tests.

XENO G42 question and answer:
1. Is it possible that a large bezel torch can integrate a strong-enough clip?
No problem! XENO G42 V1 come with a strong clip, it can be smoothly and tightly clipped to the belt, the pocket, the travelling bag, etc.
a multi-functional Military-strength lanyard system, XENO LS10, help to secure this big monster on shoulder, anyway, it's easy for u to carry this big monster in and out.

2. Can't believe XENO G42 with the design of a big head and a slim body will not fracture under high pressure load?
With Creative structural design, XENO G42 V1 integrate multiple footholds in body which help to undertake the pressure of a 1.7 tons SUV. that's ture, it's a firm test of XENO factory.

3. Does the torch with the design of long head, short body destine an ugly appearance?
XENO G42 apply the visual-design concept of golden section, visually looks body is not that short, the head is not that long, they visually maintain balance, so the answer is negative.