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product arrow SENTER SELAM BIG SHARK 100W


Detailed Product Description

Underwater photographing Light
underwater 100M Photographing.
4400MAH Li-ion batteries pack.
runtime :2Hrs

100W 10000 Lumens Teminal High Power None Hotspot Underwater photographing Light D100W.

Model: BIG SHARK 100W Underwater Photographing Light (HAIII)

LED: 100WSWC .Max 10000 Lumens.

Color temperature: 5000k

Max Runtime: 2 hrs.

Photographing Dive Flashlight 100W

Three output levels. High>Middle>Low

Reflector: without reflector, for underwater photographing only

Lens: 8mm Polycarbonate Board

Body material: Durable aircraft-grade aluminum

Angle of light beam: 120°

Operation voltage: 18V to 26V.

Surface treatment: Premium Type III hard-anodizing.

Color: Black

Battery: Li-ion batteries pack

With battery over-discharging protection, polarity reversing protection

Size: 300(length)*76mm (dia. of head).

Weight: 1772 grams (w/battery and charger)

Operation Instruction: Successive switching ON-OFF within two seconds to cycle through high,Middle, Low



1, senter ini jangan dipakai di darat karena akan menjadi panas , jadi sebaiknya dipakai di dalam air

2. khusus dipakai untuk proyek foto/video di dalam air

3. led menggunakan jenis CREE (USA)