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semua senter di grup ini diimport dari pabriknya langsung di



barang original dari pabrik tersebut

review dari luar negri di youtube, maaf agak brutal...jangan di tiru .........


KUALITAS tidak perlu diragukan lagi dari segi: 






Olight was established in 2006 as a manufacturer for high end, high quality illumination tools. Olight originally mainly focused on the outdoor and enthusiast markets.  After the first models were released, we received positive feedback from many customers in those markets.  Armed with experience in creating high quality flashlights, in 2008 we entered into the tactical market and began designing products tailored to the military, law enforcement, and government agencies. Our M series met with great success, solidifying our reputation in the tactical and catapulting the Olight brand to the front of the line for high end flashlights. In 2009, we further strengthened our presence in the flashlight market by incorporating another excellent brand, iTP, into our family. From 2010 onward we have maintained our advantage in the illumination market by developing many cutting-edge models and expanding rapidly to new markets. We believe that, with your support, our future will be brighter than ever.


The name of Olight  is an auxiliary word that indicates mood,which means "sigh from the heart."

Olight comes from acircle with a global combination of English letters.Initial design ideas came from Zheng He's voyages sailing activities,with hard work,challenges, adventure,pulling the world closer.Since then,around the world,this symbol became Olight's representative.

To Olight,this modern corporate brand logo also represents Olight ,who commits to customers innovation,quality,environmental protection and design...

Honesty,cooperation,hard work,innovation - ourphilosophy.

Olight brand manifesto: "Olight lead the life."

Every day,your exposure to a number of seemingly relatively, on the contrary,unrelated occasions,playing different roles, the only multi-angle in all directions to fit with your life,and set off on any occasion,this is what you want.Easily do the job,give you more than you expect.

A torch is not enough toilluminate the world, but it is enough to grant you insight into the subtle world.